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Inspectors of election; organization
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 53
§ 2607. Inspectors of election; organization. Not less than ten days
prior to each special or annual election, the board of education shall
appoint for each election district three qualified voters residing
therein to act as inspectors of election in such election district at
such election. The clerk of the board of education shall give written
notice of appointment to the persons so appointed. If a person appointed
an inspector of election refuses to accept such appointment or fails to
serve, the board may appoint a qualified voter of the school election
district to fill the vacancy. Additional inspectors of elections for
each district may be appointed for one or more of such school election
districts when, in the opinion of the board, special circumstances exist
requiring the services of such additional inspectors. Such inspectors
shall, before opening the polls in the election district for which they
are appointed, organize by electing one of their number as chairperson
and one as poll clerk. The chairperson may also appoint one of the
inspectors as an assistant poll clerk. Each inspector shall receive for
his or her services a compensation to be fixed by the board of
education, not to exceed the basic compensation paid to inspectors of
election at the preceding general elections, as fixed by the governing
body of the city in which such school district is wholly or partly
located, to be paid out of the school funds in the same manner as other
claims against the city school district. Notwithstanding the foregoing
provisions of this section, a person seventeen years of age who is
enrolled in a school district and fulfilling the requirements of section
thirty-two hundred seven-a of this chapter shall be eligible to be
appointed as, and to perform the duties of, an election inspector or
poll clerk as provided in this article.