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Omnibus school violence prevention grant program
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 55
§ 2814. Omnibus school violence prevention grant program. 1. Within
amounts appropriated for implementation of extended day programs and
school violence prevention programs, the commissioner is hereby
authorized and directed to award grants on a competitive basis to school
districts. Such grants shall be for one or more of the following
pursuant to this section: school safety and violence prevention programs
consistent with the purposes of the school safety plans required by
section twenty-eight hundred one-a of this article and extended day
activities defined in this section. School districts shall be prohibited
from using funds awarded pursuant to this section to displace school
district after-school funding in existence as of the effective date of
this article.

a. School safety activities. Programs eligible for funding pursuant to
this section may include, but not be limited to: (i) safe corridors
programs; (ii) diversity programs; (iii) collaborative school safety
programs with law enforcement agencies or community-based organizations;
(iv) metal detectors, intercom and other intra-school communication
devices and other devices to increase school security and the safety of
school personnel and students; (v) other programs including
comprehensive school-based intervention models, approved by the
commissioner, that reduce violence and improve school safety.
Comprehensive school based intervention models shall coordinate with and
collaborate with other services currently being provided in the school
district, incorporate appropriate school violence prevention and
intervention services, and coordinate appropriate funding sources to
ensure the efficient delivery of services. Such comprehensive
school-based intervention models shall also include provisions for the
involvement of teachers, parents, school administrators in the
development and implementation of the program, a detailed statement
identifying specific performance goals, a proposed timetable for
implementation and achievement of such goals and specific assessment
methods which will be used to measure student and school progress.

b. Extended day activities. (i) Eligible extended day activities under
this paragraph shall be for programs conducted outside the regular
school day whereby students can participate in extra curricular
enrichment activities including but not limited to athletics, academic
enrichment, art, music, drama, academic tutoring, mentoring, community
services and related programs that will increase student achievement and
contribute to school violence prevention. Such activities conducted
outside the regular school day shall be offered collaboratively between
not-for-profit educational organizations, community based organizations,
other agencies approved by the commissioner and public elementary or
secondary schools, and where applicable, school districts.

(ii) Grantees receiving funding pursuant to this subdivision may
expend no more than five percent of grants for administration and no
more than five percent for grantee training.

2. In the event the appropriation for the purposes of this section in
any year is insufficient to pay all claims pursuant to this subdivision,
the commissioner shall pay such claims on a prorated basis among all
districts filing such claims until the appropriation is exhausted.

3. Programs supported by grants pursuant to this section shall not be
eligible aid pursuant to any other provision of this chapter.