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School census in school districts
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 65, PART 2
§ 3242. School census in school districts. The trustees or board of
education of every school district may cause a census to be taken of all
children between birth and eighteen years of age, including all such
facts and information as are required in the census provided for in
section thirty-two hundred forty-one of this part. Such census shall be
prepared biennially for children between ages five and eighteen who are
entitled to attend the public schools without payment of tuition in
duplicate in their respective school districts, and one copy thereof
filed with the teacher or principal and the other copy filed with the
district superintendent or superintendent on or before the fifteenth day
of October. For pre-school students from birth to five years of age,
such census may be prepared and filed biennially on or before the
fifteenth day of October. Such census shall include the reports and
information required from cities as provided in section thirty-two
hundred forty-one of this part. All information regarding a student with
a disability under the age of twenty-one years shall be filed annually
with the superintendent of the board of cooperative educational services
of which said district may be a part.