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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 343. Notice. 1. Each test agency shall provide, along with the
registration form or score report for a test, the following information:

a. the purposes for which the test is constructed and is intended to
be used;

b. statements designed to provide information for interpreting test
results, including but not limited to, explanations of the test score
scale, the standard error of measurement of the test, and a list of
available correlations between test scores and grades, successful
completion of a course of study and parental income; however, where a
range of the correlations of such studies is given, a median correlation
must also be provided;

c. how the test scores will be reported, whether the raw test scores
will be converted in any way before being reported to the test subject
and whether and how the test agency will use the test score in raw or
transformed form by itself or together with any other information about
the test subject to predict in any way the subject's future academic
performance for any post secondary educational institution;

d. a complete description of any promises or covenants that the test
agency makes to the test subject with regard to accuracy of scoring,
timely forwarding of information, policies for notifying test subjects
regarding inaccuracies in scoring or score reporting, any procedures to
increase fairness and equity with respect to race, ethnicity and
linguistic background and gender for test subjects with regard to test
questions and test forms, procedures for reviewing challenges by test
subjects, their representatives or user institutions to the keying,
scoring, wording or any aspect of a test question or questions used to
calculate test subjects' raw scores, and privacy of information relating
to the test subject;

e. whether or not the test scores are the property of the test
subject, the time period during which the results will be retained by
the test agency, and policies regarding storage, disposal and future use
of test score data; and

f. how the test subject may obtain the information required to be
dislcosed under section three hundred forty-two of this article.

g. how the test subject may obtain information required to be
available under section three hundred forty-four-b of this article;

h. a clear, easily understood written description of each section of
the test, including an indication of whether the test contains sections
of equating questions together with a statement of the purpose of such,
and an indication of whether the test contains sections of pretest
questions together with a statement of the purpose of such;

i. a description of all services which will be provided at the
location of the test administration to accommodate handicapped or
disabled test subjects;

j. a concise summary of test administration procedures which provides
essential information to the test subject about the conduct of the test
including the duties and responsibilities of the test proctor or
supervisor and the actions a test subject may take in the event of any
problems which may arise in the course of taking the test;

k. a statement of the test agency's recommendations as to how test
scores shall be used by an institution to which scores are reported,
including any recommendation regarding the importance that the
institution should give to such scores relative to other factors, such
as prior academic record, in making any decision affecting a test

l. a description of how test subjects can receive additional
information from test sponsors about the appropriate use of test scores;

m. information which clearly describes the test subjects' rights
included in section three hundred forty-four-c of this article; and

n. information documenting procedures used by the test agency to
insure that the test is fair to all test takers regardless of racial,
ethnic, gender or regional background.

2. Any institution which is a test score recipient shall be provided
with the information specified in this section. The test agency shall
provide such information prior to or coincident with the first reporting
of a test score or scores to a recipient institution. Such institution
shall be encouraged to provide interpretive processing by qualified
personnel where such personnel are available.

4. Each public postsecondary institution shall include in its catalog
or bulletin a statement whether applicants for undergraduate admission
are required to submit test scores. Such statement shall clearly state
how test scores are used in the decision process, how multiple score
reports are treated, whether component scores are summed or averaged,
and how test scores are used in placement decisions.