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Excelsior scholars program for grade seven mathematics and science students
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 5, ARTICLE 73, PART 4
§ 3641-a. Excelsior scholars program for grade seven mathematics and
science students. The commissioner shall establish an excelsior scholars
program for grade seven mathematics and science students pursuant to
this section and regulations of the commissioner adopted for such
purpose. Within the amounts appropriated for this purpose, the
commissioner shall award grants on a competitive basis to public and
independent colleges and universities to conduct summer programs that
shall provide advanced coursework in mathematics and science to students
designated as excelsior scholars and, as funds permit, other
high-performing students who have completed seventh grade.

1. Each year, the commissioner shall identify up to three thousand
high performing seventh grade students in mathematics and science from
students nominated by each public middle school, junior high school,
intermediate school or junior/senior high school, or kindergarten
through secondary school. The commissioner by regulation shall prescribe
the maximum number of students that may be nominated by each school,
which may vary based on the size of the school, which shall include
equal numbers of male and female students. After review by the
commissioner, qualified students shall be certified to the governor for
recognition as an excelsior scholar.

2. The commissioner shall conduct a competitive process under which
financial grants are awarded to each college and university approved to
provide appropriate advanced coursework to excelsior scholars in the
summer months, subject to the availability of funds appropriated for
such purpose.

3. The regulations of the commissioner shall provide for coordination
of the program with the seven centers for excellence in technology and
the programs offered by such centers, to the extent practicable.