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Powers and duties of managers
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 6, ARTICLE 97
§ 4804. Powers and duties of managers. 1. The board of managers of
such school shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of
the school; employ a superintendent and such teachers and assistants as
may be required for the operation and maintenance of the school; fix
compensation of such superintendent, teachers and assistants within the
amount made available therefor by the board of estimate and
apportionment or other similar body or officer of such city; prescribe
rules and regulations for the management of the school and for the
purpose of carrying into effect the object thereof; provide for the
detention, maintenance and instruction of all children who are admitted
to the school. Such board shall on or before the first day of January
each year furnish to the mayor estimates in writing of the amount of
expenditures for the next fiscal year. All expenses and appropriations
for such school shall be subject to the provisions of sections
seventy-three, seventy-four, seventy-five, seventy-six and seventy-seven
of second class cities law, and of any and all other provisions of said
law applicable thereto.

2. The board of managers shall have full power to discharge or parole
at any time any child admitted to such school. A child under sixteen
years of age committed to the school by a court and paroled for good
conduct may be arrested and detained in the school for violation of the
terms of his parole.