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Powers of superintendent and discipline of school
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 6, ARTICLE 97
§ 4806. Powers of superintendent and discipline of school. The
superintendent of the school shall, subject to the regulations of the
board of managers:

1. Have the general management of the school, land, buildings and
equipment thereof, and devote his entire time to its affairs.

2. Supervise and direct the methods of instruction and the performance
of duties by the teachers, assistants and employees of such school.

3. Be responsible for the welfare of the pupils of the school, see
that the regulations and directions of the board of managers are carried
into effect.

4. Prescribe rules for the government and discipline of the pupils of
the school and cause such rules to be enforced. Discipline shall be
maintained by the honor system so far as practicable. Close or solitary
confinement shall not be used excepting when necessary for the
maintenance of proper discipline.

5. Protect and care for the property of the school.

6. Give special attention to the proper instruction, detention,
restraint, discipline, comfort, physical and moral welfare of the pupils
of the school and perform such other duties as may be required of him by
the board of managers with a view of carrying out the provisions of this