1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Education
  4. Title 7: State and City Colleges and Institutions-cornell University
  5. Article 119: New York State Legislative Institute

Section 5904 Advisory board; appointment; powers and duties

Education (EDN)

1. A temporary advisory board is hereby created to consist of seven members, two of whom shall be members of the senate to be appointed by the temporary president of the senate, two shall be members of the assembly to be appointed by the speaker of the assembly, and three shall be appointed by the dean of such graduate school of public affairs. The members of the senate and of the assembly so appointed shall serve for terms of two years or until the expiration of their term of office as a member of the senate or assembly, respectively, whichever shall first occur. The members appointed by the dean of the graduate school of public affairs shall be appointed for terms of four years. Vacancies occurring in the board by reason of expiration of term or for any other reason shall be filled by the official authorized to make the original appointment.

  2. The board may choose from among its members a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.

  3. The members of the board shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed their actual and necessary expenses.

  4. The board shall meet at least four times a year for the purpose of adopting rules and regulations governing the operation of the institute and the establishment and effectuation of its goals.

  5. The board after investigation and study shall, on or before January first, nineteen hundred sixty-eight, prepare plans and submit recommendations to the chancellor and board of trustees of the state university and to the legislature for the control, supervision, or organization, structure, administration, operation and activities of the institute.