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College board of trustees; powers and duties
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 121
§ 6004. College board of trustees; powers and duties. The college
shall continue to be administered and maintained at Syracuse university.
Subject to the general management and supervision of and in accordance
with rules established by the state university trustees, the college
board of trustees shall exercise the following powers:

a. Recommend regarding the establishment of courses of study, the
creation of departments, the general course of instruction, research,
and experiments to be pursued in the college and the degrees to be
conferred, number and salaries of faculty, staff and all other
employees, their appointment and termination or removal, and the nature
of their duties.

b. To submit for approval all contracts necessary or appropriate for
carrying out any of the purposes or objects of the college, including
such as shall involve cooperation with any person, corporation or
association or any department of the government of the state of New York
or of the United States in laboratory, experimental, investigative or
research work, and the acceptance from such person, corporation,
association or department of the state or federal government of gifts or
contributions of money, expert service, labor, materials, apparatus,
appliances or other property in connection therewith.

c. Recommend to the state university trustees candidates for
appointment by the state university trustees as head of such

d. Review all major plans of the head of such institution for its more
effective operation and make such recommendations with respect thereto
as it deems appropriate. Such plans shall be submitted for approval by
the state university trustees, together with the recommendations of the
college trustees with respect thereto. The state university trustees
shall determine what constitutes such major plans, which are hereby
generally defined to include, among others, plans for the appraisal or
improvement of the faculty and other personnel, expansion or restriction
of student admissions, appraisal or improvement of academic programs and
of standards for the earning of degrees, expansion of institutional
plants and appraisal or improvement of student activities and housing.

e. Make regulations governing the care, custody and management of
lands, grounds, buildings and equipment.

f. Review the proposed budget requests for such institution prepared
by the head thereof and recommend to the state university trustees a
budget for such institution.

g. Foster the development of advisory citizens' committees to render
such assistance as the college trustees may request, and to appoint the
members of such citizens' committees. Members of such citizens'
committees shall receive no compensation for their services but shall be
reimbursed for the expenses actually and necessarily incurred by them in
the performance of their duties.

h. Name buildings and grounds.

i. Make regulations governing the conduct and behavior of students.

j. Make an annual report to the state university trustees on or before
September first of each year, and report to them from time to time on
any matter it believes requires their attention.

k. Perform such other powers and duties as may be authorized or
required by the state university trustees by general rules or special

1. Make and establish, and from time to time alter and amend, such
regulations pertaining to the affairs of its institution, not
inconsistent with law or the rules of the state university trustees, as
may be necessary or appropriate to carry out effectively the foregoing
powers and duties.