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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative findings and intent
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 125
§ 6201. Legislative findings and intent. 1. The legislature finds
that in order to meet the state's responsibility to provide
post-secondary education in New York city beyond the associate degree
level, as it does elsewhere in the state, there should be full state
funding of senior college operating and debt service. The governance of
the university must reflect increased state responsibility but should
preserve the city's participation in the governance of the university it
created and developed at city expense.

2. The legislature intends that the city university of New York should
be maintained as an independent system of higher education governed by
its own board of trustees responsible for the governance, maintenance
and development of both senior and community college units of the city
university. The university must remain responsive to the needs of its
urban setting and maintain its close articulation between senior and
community college units. Where possible, governance and operation of
senior and community colleges should be jointly conducted or conducted
by similar procedures to maintain the university as an integrated system
and to facilitate articulation between units.

3. The legislature's intent is that the city university be supported
as an independent and integrated system of higher education on the
assumption that the university will continue to maintain and expand its
commitment to academic excellence and to the provision of equal access
and opportunity for students, faculty and staff from all ethnic and
racial groups and from both sexes.

4. The city university is of vital importance as a vehicle for the
upward mobility of the disadvantaged in the city of New York. The
pioneering efforts of the SEEK and College Discovery programs must not
be diminished as a result of greater state financial responsibility for
the operation of the city and state of New York.

5. Only the strongest commitment to the special needs of an urban
constituency justifies the legislature's support of an independent and
unique structure for the university. Activities at the city university
campuses must be undertaken in a spirit which recognizes and responds to
the imperative need for affirmative action and the positive desire to
have city university personnel reflect the diverse communities which
comprise the people of the city and state of New York. In its urban
environment this commitment should be evident in all the guidelines
established by the board of trustees for the university's operation,
from admissions and hiring to contracting for the provision of goods,
services, new construction and facilities rehabilitation.