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Non-Instructional positions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 125
§ 6210. Non-Instructional positions. 1. All persons hereafter
appointed to serve in non-instructional positions in the city university
shall be appointed for the probationary period of one year during which
the service of a person appointed to any such position may be
discontinued by the board of trustees at any time. All persons employed
in the non-instructional service of the board of trustees who have
served the full probationary period shall hold their respective
positions during good behavior and efficient and competent service, and
shall not be removed except for cause after a hearing by the affirmative
vote of a majority of the board of trustees.

The board of trustees shall provide, by appropriate by-laws, for the
presentation of charges, the reference thereof to a committee of the
board of trustees or to others for hearings, the conduct of such
hearings, and the report thereof on the basis of which the board of
trustees shall take such action as it deems necessary or advisable.

A person who had acquired tenure in a position with the board of
trustees and who is promoted therefrom to a higher position shall be
fully restored to his lower position and tenure therein in the event his
service is discontinued by the board of trustees during his probationary
period in such higher position; upon restoration to such original
position the time such person served in the higher position shall be
credited for all purposes as if such service had been rendered in the
original position.

2. Vacancies in positions included in group II (college office
assistant B and college secretarial assistant B) and group III
(administrative assistant) of item number sixteen of section sixty-two
hundred twenty, shall be filled, as far as practicable, by promotion
from among persons holding positions in the lower grades listed in group
I (college office assistant A and college secretarial assistant A) and
group II of such item number sixteen of section sixty-two hundred
twenty, respectively. Promotions shall be made by the board of trustees
from group I and from group II of the aforesaid item number sixteen so
that of the total regularly employed in such three groups, not more than
forty per centum of the total in the three groups shall be employed in
group I and not less than fifteen per centum of the said total shall be
employed in group III.

3. The board of trustees shall, by appropriate by-laws, determine from
time to time the qualification requirements for all positions.