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City university of New York community college budget process
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 125
§ 6229. City university of New York community college budget process.
1. For the purposes of this section and section sixty-two hundred
twenty-one of this article, the term "approved programs and services"
shall mean and include all programs and services provided by the
community colleges, except for campus schools or other elementary or
secondary schools which receive state aid under other provisions of law,
provided that all such programs have been approved as a part of the
master plan of the city university and as a part of the regents plan for
higher education or general revision thereof pursuant to section two
hundred thirty-seven of this chapter.

2. For each city fiscal year, the chancellor of the city university
shall prepare a proposed operating and capital budget for all approved
programs and services. The form and content of such proposed operating
and capital budget shall be the same as that approved by the state
director of the budget for the community colleges of the state
university of New York. The proposed operating budget shall be submitted
in accordance with subdivision one-b of section sixty-three hundred four
of this chapter and shall also set forth the separate operating budgets
of each community college.

3. Such proposed operating and capital budget, after approval by the
board of trustees, shall be submitted to the mayor of the city of New
York for his review and approval. Not later than October first of the
calendar year preceding the city fiscal year, the mayor shall submit to
the state budget director, in the form and content required by
subdivision two hereof, the amount of expenditures that he will
recommend in his executive budget for the following fiscal year for such
approved programs and services.