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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Master capital plan
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 125
§ 6233-a. Master capital plan. On or before November fifteenth of each
year, the trustees of the city university shall approve and submit to
the chairmen of the assembly ways and means committee and the senate
finance committee and to the director of the budget a master capital
plan setting forth the projects proposed to be constructed,
reconstructed, rehabilitated or otherwise substantially altered pursuant
to appropriations enacted or to be enacted during the succeeding five
years. During the selection of projects for such plan, the trustees
shall, where applicable, give due consideration to projects that support
improvements in environmental protection, energy and resource
management, solar energy and conservation with particular consideration
given to a project's potential to generate cost savings over time. Such
plan shall specify the name, location, estimated total cost at the time
the project is to be bid, the anticipated date or dates on which the
design of such project is to commence, the proposed method of financing
and the estimated economic life of each project. Such plan shall further
specify whether proposed projects constitute new construction,
substantial rehabilitation, moderate rehabilitation or minor
rehabilitation and shall indicate how projects support improvements in
environmental protection, energy and resource management, solar energy
and conservation. Such criteria for each method of financing shall
include, but not be limited to: (i) an analysis of private enterprise,
federal and any other appropriate financing standards, (ii) the
consideration of the period of economic life of projects as related to
the method of financing, and (iii) project cost ranges for the methods
of financing. Such plan specifications, categories or construction and
criteria for methods of financing shall be defined by the trustees, in
consultation with the city university construction fund.