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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 125-A
§ 6250. Definitions. Wherever used in this article:

1. The term "city university" means the city university of New York
under the jurisdiction of the board of higher education of the city of
New York.

2. The term "board" means the board of higher education of the city of
New York.

3. The term "eligible employees" means members of the instructional
staffs of the colleges administered by the board of higher education in
the city of New York pursuant to the provisions of article one hundred
twenty-five of the education law, who are employed in the following
titles: president, dean, director, professor, associate professor,
assistant professor, instructor, tutor, fellow, lecturer, librarian,
associate librarian, assistant librarian, library assistant, registrar,
assistant registrar, registrar's assistant, principal, first assistant,
supervisor, assistant teacher, critic teacher, teacher, college science
assistant, college science technician, college engineering technician,
and any other members of the instructional staffs of such colleges as
defined in section sixty-two hundred six, subdivision 1b of the
education law, and such other titles as the board in its discretion may
add thereto, by reason of their close relationship to the educational
purposes required to carry on the functions of the city university. No
person receiving a benefit by reason of his retirement from any
retirement or pension system of New York state or any political
subdivision thereof shall be eligible to elect the optional retirement

4. The term "optional retirement program" means the retirement program
established pursuant to this article.

5. The term "electing employee" shall mean any eligible employee who
exercises his election pursuant to this article to come under the
optional retirement program.

6. The term "salary" means all amounts paid by or for the city of New
York as compensation for services rendered by an eligible employee.

7. The term "insurer" shall mean a life insurance corporation, or
other corporation subject to supervision by the department of financial
services of the state of New York.

8. The term "city" shall mean the city of New York.

9. The term "comptroller" shall mean the comptroller of the city of
New York.