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Graduation, achievement and placement program
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 126
§ 6303-a. Graduation, achievement and placement program. 1.
Definitions. As used in this section, the following terms shall have
the following meanings:

(a) "Plan" shall mean the graduation, achievement and placement (GAP)
program plan to be developed by the state university trustees pursuant
to subdivision two of this section, after consultation with the
community college presidents, councils and faculty.

(b) "Program" shall mean the GAP program to be developed by the state
university trustees pursuant to subdivision two of this section.

2. By no later than July first, two thousand fourteen, the state
university trustees shall develop, as part of the master plan to be
submitted pursuant to section three hundred fifty-four of this chapter,
a comprehensive plan to be incorporated into its two thousand sixteen
master plan and fully implemented no later than July first, two thousand
eighteen at each of the state university of New York community colleges.
Such plan shall seek to develop a remedial education program to
accomplish the following goals:

(a) Improve community college outcomes by reducing the time to degree
completion or transfer to a four year college;

(b) Reduce state and local sponsor expenditures on remedial

(c) Improve overall community college graduation rates and employment

3. Each community college shall utilize features in its program
identified in the SUNY task force on remediation report, issued pursuant
to chapter fifty-seven of the laws of two thousand twelve, and shall
consider other features of successful existing programs, including, but
not limited to the following:

(a) Adoption of a consistent definition of "college readiness" for
student placement into remedial programs using multiple measures of
student achievement;

(b) Accelerated developmental education program offerings;

(c) Incorporating remedial instruction into the beginning of
college-level programs, either as introductory courses or integrated
into initial college-level courses;

(d) Utilize supplemental academic support for developmental students
enrolled in college level courses as well as other contextualization

(e) A consolidated course schedule that permits students to take
classes in a morning, afternoon or evening schedule so as to enable
students to balance school, work and other personal responsibilities;

(f) An advisement model that directs counselors with assigned
caseloads to meet with students monthly from program entry until

(g) Career and employment services that provide students with
interview training, job skills and career planning;

(h) Academic support services that provide tutoring from qualified
undergraduate or graduate students or faculty; and

(i) Comprehensive evaluation and the use of data to assess the
effectiveness of the program.

4. Each community college shall be required to implement, on a partial
basis, its program by the two thousand fourteen--two thousand fifteen
academic year.

5. Each community college shall report on the implementation of the
program and shall report on measures of student success for each student
enrolled in such program. Such report shall include but not be limited

(a) Annual number and percentage of entering first-time students
enrolled in remedial (developmental) education courses in math,
english/reading or both and complete a college-level course in the same

(b) Annual number and percentage of entering first-time degree or
certificate seeking students who complete entry college-level math,
english and reading courses within the first two consecutive academic

(c) Number and percentage of entering degree or certificate seeking
students enrolling from fall to spring and fall to fall at an
institution of higher education.