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General provisions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7, ARTICLE 129-A
§ 6430. General provisions. 1. The trustees or other governing board
of every college chartered by the regents or incorporated by special act
of the legislature and which maintains a campus, unless otherwise
provided, shall adopt written rules for implementing all policies
required pursuant to this article and for the maintenance of public
order on college campuses and other college property used for
educational purposes and provide a program for the enforcement thereof.
Such rules shall prohibit, among other things, any action or situation
which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or
involves the forced consumption of liquor or drugs for the purpose of
initiation into or affiliation with any organization. Such rules shall
govern the conduct of students, faculty and other staff as well as
visitors and other licensees and invitees on such campuses and property.
The penalties for violations of such rules shall be clearly set forth
therein and shall include provisions for the ejection of a violator from
such campus and property, in the case of a student or faculty violator
his or her suspension, expulsion, or other appropriate disciplinary
action, and in the case of an organization which authorizes such
conduct, recision of permission for that organization to operate on
campus property. Such penalties shall be in addition to any penalty
pursuant to the penal law or any other law to which a violator or
organization may be subject.

2. A copy of such rules shall be given to all students enrolled in
said college and shall be deemed to be part of the by-laws of all
organizations operating on said campus which shall review annually such
by-laws with individuals affiliated with such organizations.

3. Each college shall annually file with the department on or before
the first day of July a certificate of compliance with the provisions of
this article.

4. If a college fails to file a certificate of compliance pursuant to
subdivision three of this section within sixty days of the time
required, such college shall not be eligible to receive any state aid or
assistance until such certificate of compliance is duly filed.

5. Each college shall file a copy of all written rules adopted as
required in this article with the department on or before the first day
of July, two thousand four, and once every ten years thereafter.

6. Nothing contained in this article shall:

a. be construed to limit or restrict the freedom of speech and
peaceful assembly; or

b. prevent or limit a college from setting forth additional standards
of conduct for students.