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This entry was published on 2015-01-09
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Definition of practice of dental hygiene
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 8, ARTICLE 133
§ 6606. Definition of practice of dental hygiene. 1. The practice of
the profession of dental hygiene is defined as the performance of dental
services which shall include removing calcareous deposits, accretions
and stains from the exposed surfaces of the teeth which begin at the
epithelial attachment and applying topical agents indicated for a
complete dental prophylaxis, removing cement, placing or removing rubber
dam, removing sutures, placing matrix band, providing patient education,
applying topical medication, placing and exposing diagnostic dental
X-ray films, performing topical fluoride applications and topical
anesthetic applications, polishing teeth, taking medical history,
charting caries, taking impressions for study casts, placing and
removing temporary restorations, administering and monitoring nitrous
oxide analgesia and administering and monitoring local infiltration
anesthesia, subject to certification in accordance with section
sixty-six hundred five-b of this article, and any other function in the
definition of the practice of dentistry as may be delegated by a
licensed dentist in accordance with regulations promulgated by the
commissioner. The practice of dental hygiene may be conducted in the
office of any licensed dentist or in any appropriately equipped school
or public institution but must be done either under the supervision of a
licensed dentist or, in the case of a registered dental hygienist
working for a hospital as defined in article twenty-eight of the public
health law, pursuant to a collaborative arrangement with a licensed and
registered dentist who has a formal relationship with the same hospital
in accordance with regulations promulgated by the department in
consultation with the department of health. Such collaborative
arrangement shall not obviate or supersede any law or regulation which
requires identified services to be performed under the personal
supervision of a dentist. When dental hygiene services are provided
pursuant to a collaborative agreement, such dental hygienist shall
instruct individuals to visit a licensed dentist for comprehensive
examination or treatment.

2. The commissioner shall promulgate regulations defining the
functions a dental hygienist may perform that are consistent with the
training and qualifications for a license as a dental hygienist.