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This entry was published on 2017-08-18
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 8, ARTICLE 134
§ 6630. Definitions. As used in this article: 1. The term
"perfusionist" means a person who is licensed to practice perfusion
pursuant to this article.

2. The term "registered program" means a program for the education of
perfusionists which has been registered by the department or determined
by the department to be the substantial equivalent.

3. The term "perfusion" means the provision of extracorporeal or
intracorporeal patient care services to support or replace the
circulatory or respiratory function of a patient, including the
administration of pharmacological and therapeutic agents, and blood
products, and the management, treatment and monitoring of the
physiological status of a patient during the operation of extracorporeal
circulation equipment or intracorporeal equipment that replaces or
support circulatory or respiratory functions.

All perfusion services shall be pursuant to the order and direction of
a physician. Perfusion services may be performed in a general hospital
licensed pursuant to article twenty-eight of the public health law or
during the transport of patients or organs supported by extracorporeal
or intracorporeal equipment.

4. The term "committee" means the state committee for perfusion
created by section sixty-six hundred thirty-four of this article.