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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 14, PART 5
§ 694-b. Reporting. The corporation, after consultation with the state
of New York mortgage agency, and any other public benefit corporation
that shall have issued bonds under the public authorities law for
purposes of this program, with respect to loans that have been financed
by or that are expected to be financed by such entity, shall report
annually with respect to education loans made under this program for the
prior academic year to the governor, the temporary president of the
senate, the speaker of the assembly, the director of the division of the
budget, the senate finance committee, the assembly ways and means
committee and the standing committees of the legislature having
jurisdiction of higher education on the number and characteristics of
students who received fixed rate and/or variable rate loans under this
program, including, but not limited to, the interest rate charged, the
default and collection fees established, the grace period established if
other than six months, the number of students who received loans that
demonstrated financial need pursuant to section six hundred ninety-two
of this part, the income established by the corporation pursuant to
section six hundred ninety-two of this part, the number of students who
received fixed rate loans, the number of students who received variable
rate loans, the number of default claims received by the corporation,
the number of borrowers subject to administrative wage garnishment, and
a list of the lenders and holders, if known, who have provided variable
rate loans. Such annual report shall be submitted by the first day of
December following the close of the academic year for which such
education loans were made.