1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Education
  4. Title 8: The Professions
  5. Article 147: Architecture

Section 7306 Exempt persons

Education (EDN)

1. This article shall not be construed to affect or prevent:

  a. The preparation of details and shop drawings by persons, other than architects, for use in connection with the execution of their work;

  b. Employees of those lawfully practicing as architects under the provisions of this article from acting under the instruction, control or supervision of their employers;

  c. Builders, or superintendents employed by such builders, from supervising the construction or structural alteration of buildings or structures; or

  d. A holder of a valid certificate of the national council of architectural registration boards, not licensed in this state, from coming into the state for interview, but not to perform any architectural services or enter into any contract until such time as he is licensed as an architect in this state.

  e. The practice of engineering or land surveying by an engineer or land surveyor licensed in this state, or the practice of landscape architecture by a landscape architect licensed in this state, provided that no such engineer, land surveyor or landscape architect shall use the designation "architect," or "architectural" or "architecture" unless licensed as an architect in this state.

  f. Employment of any person as a junior or assistant architect by the City of New York in a position the title of which was approved and in use as of July first, nineteen hundred seventy-one, provided such person acts under the general direction of a licensed architect.

  g. Contractors or builders from engaging in construction management and administration of construction contracts.