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Loan of instructional computer hardware
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 16
§ 754. Loan of instructional computer hardware. 1. In the several
cities and school districts of the state, school authorities, as defined
in subdivision twelve of section two of this chapter, shall have the
power and duty, to the extent provided in this section, to loan, upon
request of an individual or a group of individual pupils, to all pupils
legally attending nonpublic elementary or secondary schools located in
the school district, instructional computer hardware which is designated
for use in any public elementary or secondary schools of the state or is
approved by any school authorities. Such instructional computer hardware
is to be loaned free to such children, commencing with the two thousand
seven--two thousand eight school year, subject to such rules and
regulations as are or may be prescribed by the board of regents and such
school authorities.

2. No school district shall be required to loan instructional computer
hardware in excess of the instructional computer hardware acquired by
such district pursuant to section seven hundred fifty-three of this
article. Such instructional computer hardware shall be loaned on an
equitable basis to children attending nonpublic schools in the district
in the current year, provided that nothing in this article shall be
construed to require a school district to loan to children attending
nonpublic schools, pursuant to this section, instructional computer
hardware purchased with local or federal funds or with state funds other
than funds apportioned pursuant to this article. The payment of tuition
under article eighty-nine of this chapter is deemed to be an equitable
loan to children for whom such tuition is paid, and the provisions of
this section shall not apply.

3. School authorities shall adopt regulations specifying the date by
which requests for the purchase and loan of instructional computer
hardware must be received by the district. Notice of such date shall be
given to all non-public schools in the school district. Such date shall
not be earlier than the first day of June of the school year prior to
that for which such instructional computer hardware is being requested,
provided, however, that a parent or guardian of a child not attending a
particular non-public school prior to June first of the school year may
submit a written request for instructional computer hardware within
thirty days after such child is enrolled in such non-public school. In
no event, however, shall a request made later than the times otherwise
provided pursuant to this subdivision be denied where a reasonable
explanation is given for the delay in making the request.