1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Education
  4. Title 8: The Professions
  5. Article 156: Occupational Therapy

Section 7905 Limited permits

Education (EDN)

Permits limited as to eligibility, practice, and duration, shall be issued by the department to eligible applicants, as follows:

  (1) The following persons shall be eligible for a limited permit:

  (a) An occupational therapist who has graduated from an occupational therapy curriculum with a baccalaureate degree or certificate in occupational therapy which is substantially equivalent to a baccalaureate degree satisfactory to the board of occupational therapy and in accordance with the commissioner's regulations; or

  (b) A foreign occupational therapist who is in this country on a non-immigration visa for the continuation of occupational therapy study, pursuant to the exchange student program of the United States Department of State.

  (c) An occupational therapy assistant who has graduated from an accredited occupational therapy assistant curriculum with an associate's degree satisfactory to the board of occupational therapy and in accordance with the commissioner's regulations.

  (2) A limited permittee shall be authorized to practice occupational therapy, or in the case of a limited permit issued pursuant to paragraph (c) of subdivision one of this section, only under the direct supervision of a licensed occupational therapist or a licensed physician and shall practice only in a public, voluntary, or proprietary hospital, health care agency or in a preschool or an elementary or secondary school for the purpose of providing occupational therapy as a related service for a handicapped child.

  For purposes of this subdivision, supervision of an individual with a limited permit to practice occupational therapy issued by the department shall be direct supervision as defined by the commissioner's regulations.

  (3) A limited permit shall be valid for one year. It may be renewed once for a period not to exceed one additional year, at the discretion of the department, upon the submission of an explanation satisfactory to the department for an applicant's failure to become licensed within the original one-year period.

  (4) The fee for a limited permit shall be seventy dollars.