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General Provisions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 8


Subarticle 1. Introductory summary.
Section 6500. Introduction.

6501. Admission to a profession (licensing).

6501-b. Affirmation of applications.

6502. Duration and registration of a license.

6502-a. Renewal of professional license, certification, or


6503. Practice of a profession.

6503-a. Waiver for entities providing certain professional


6503-b. Waiver for certain special education schools and early

intervention agencies.

6504. Regulation of the professions.

6505. Construction.

6505-a. Professional referrals.

6505-b. Course work or training in infection control practices.

6505-c. Articulation between military and civilian professional


6505-d. Evaluation of prior disciplinary history for

authorization to practice.

6505-e. Provision of information related to coursework and

training in nutrition.

Subarticle 2. State management.
Section 6506. Supervision by the board of regents.

6507. Administration by the education department.

6507-a. Registration fee surcharge.

6508. Assistance by state boards for the professions.

Subarticle 3. Professional misconduct.
Section 6509. Definitions of professional misconduct.

6509-a. Additional definition of professional misconduct;

limited application.

6509-b. Additional definition of professional misconduct;

arrears in payment of support; limited application.

6509-c. Additional definition of professional misconduct;

failure to comply in paternity or child support

proceedings; limited application.

6509-d. Limited exemption from professional misconduct.

6509-e. Additional definition of professional misconduct; mental

health professionals.

6510. Proceedings in cases of professional misconduct.

6510-b. Temporary surrender of licenses during treatment for

drug or alcohol abuse.

6510-c. Nurse peer assistance programs.

6510-d. Voluntary non-disciplinary surrender of a license.

6510-e. Nurses' refusal of overtime work.

6511. Penalties for professional misconduct.

Subarticle 4. Unauthorized acts.
Section 6512. Unauthorized practice a crime.

6513. Unauthorized use of a professional title a crime.

6514. Criminal proceedings.

6515. Restraint of unlawful acts.

6516. Civil enforcement proceedings and civil penalties.