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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Eminent Domain Procedure (EDP) CHAPTER 73, ARTICLE 1
§ 101. Purpose. It is the purpose of this law to provide the exclusive
procedure by which property shall be acquired by exercise of the power
of eminent domain in New York state; to assure that just compensation
shall be paid to those persons whose property rights are acquired by the
exercise of the power of eminent domain; to establish opportunity for
public participation in the planning of public projects necessitating
the exercise of eminent domain; to give due regard to the need to
acquire property for public use as well as the legitimate interests of
private property owners, local communities and the quality of the
environment, and to that end to promote and facilitate recognition and
careful consideration of those interests; to encourage settlement of
claims for just compensation and expedite payments to property owners;
to establish rules to reduce litigation, and to ensure equal treatment
to all property owners.