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Conduct of the public hearing
Eminent Domain Procedure (EDP) CHAPTER 73, ARTICLE 2
§ 203. Conduct of the public hearing. At the public hearing the
condemnor shall outline the purpose, proposed location or alternate
locations of the public project and any other information it considers
pertinent, including maps and property descriptions of the property to
be acquired and adjacent parcels. Thereafter, any person in attendance
shall be given a reasonable opportunity to present an oral or written
statement and to submit other documents concerning the proposed public
project. A record of the hearing shall be kept, including written
statements submitted. Copies of such record shall be available to the
public for examination without cost during normal business hours at the
condemnor's principal office and the office of the clerk or register of
the county in which the property proposed to be acquired is located.
Copies shall be reproduced upon written request and payment of the cost
thereof. Further adjourned hearings may be scheduled.