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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers of the commissioner of health
§ 244. Powers of the commissioner of health. The powers of the
commissioner of health in administering the elderly pharmaceutical
insurance coverage program shall include but not be limited to the

1. subject to the approval of the director of the budget, promulgating
program regulations pursuant to section two hundred forty-six of this

2. determining the annual schedule of cost-sharing responsibilities of
eligible program participants pursuant to section two hundred
forty-seven of this title;

3. entering into contracts pursuant to section two hundred forty-three
of this title;

4. implementing alternative program improvements for the efficient and
effective operation of the program in accordance with the provisions of
this title;

5. establishing or contracting for a therapeutic drug monitoring
program, for the purpose of monitoring therapeutic drug use by eligible
program participants in an effort to prevent the incorrect or
unnecessary consumption of such therapeutic drugs; and

6. monitor the provision of services pursuant to contractual
arrangements entered into pursuant to section two hundred forty-three of
this title and examine and review all documents and other information to
assure compliance with all provisions of this article whether such
documents or other information are under the control of a contractor or
a participating provider pharmacy.