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This entry was published on 2017-09-15
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Guidelines for development of community-based programs
§ 301. Guidelines for development of community-based programs. In
order to encourage the development of activities and programs that
support older adults within communities, the office shall develop
materials and guidelines for the development of community-based
programs. Such guidelines and materials shall be designed to assist
local area agencies on aging, non-profit entities, and community-based
organizations that wish to establish programs for seniors in their local
communities. In choosing what types of programs for which to develop
guidelines and materials, the office shall focus on programs that have
been successful in supporting older adults in the community and those
that provide innovative approaches to existing challenges. Areas of
concern, for which encouraging the spread of locally-based programs
would be most beneficial, shall include, but not be limited to: (a)
supporting the ability of older adults to stay in their homes, both
through services and assistance with chores and maintenance; (b) general
safety and prevention of abuse and exploitation; (c) socialization, both
with peers and with individuals of all ages; (d) opportunities for
involvement in the local community, including volunteerism; and (e)
encouraging older adults who wish to continue their career or embark on
a new career path.