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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 10-109
Military voters; cancellation of registration
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 10
§ 10-109. Military voters; cancellation of registration. 1. Voters
registered pursuant to this article shall be eligible to vote in every
election in which military voters are eligible to vote which is held
more than ten days after the date of the receipt of their applications
for such registration.

2. If any ballot, application form or other mail sent to a military
voter at his military address by the board of elections is returned by
the post office as undeliverable, the board of elections shall ascertain
whether the military voter is residing at the address given on his
registration records as his permanent address. If he is residing at such
address, the board shall not send him any further military ballots
unless he applies for them in the regular way, giving a new military
address. If such military voter is not residing at such permanent
address, the board of elections shall send a confirmation notice to such
military voter at his last military address pursuant to the provisions
of section 5-712 of this chapter and shall place the registration of
such voter in inactive status. However, if such a voter notifies the
board of elections that he has moved to a new military address, the
board shall restore the registration of such voter to active status in
the manner prescribed by section 5-213 of this chapter.

3. The board of elections shall process and preserve the records of
such registrations, including the original applications for such
registrations, in the same manner and for the same period of time as the
records of other voters registered under permanent personal

4. A military voter whose registration is cancelled pursuant to the
provisions of section 5-400 of this chapter shall be eligible to
reregister in the manner provided by this article.

5. Upon cancelling the registration of a military voter pursuant to
the provisions of section 5-400 of this chapter, the board of elections
shall forthwith notify such voter at his last military address and at
his permanent residence address of the fact of the cancellation, the
reason therefor, and of his right to reregister pursuant to this