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This entry was published on 2018-04-27
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SECTION 14-107-B
Independent expenditure verification
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 14, TITLE 1
§ 14-107-b. Independent expenditure verification. 1. Upon the purchase
of a communication in the form of an independent expenditure, as defined
in section 14-107 of this article, each television or radio broadcast
station, provider of cable or satellite television, or online platform
shall require that the independent expenditure committee making such
purchase file with such station, provider or platform a copy of the
registration form filed by such committee with the state board of
elections pursuant to subdivision three of section 14-107 of this

2. The state board of elections shall promulgate regulations defining
the scope of the term "online platform" as used in this section. In
promulgating such regulations, the state board shall take into account
the number of unique United States visitors to the platform and the
extent to which the platform publishes paid internet or digital
communications. Any public-facing website, web application, or digital
application, including, but not limited to, a social network, ad
network, or search engine, may be designated an "online platform"
pursuant to the state board's regulations. Such regulations shall be
promulgated no later than one hundred twenty days after the effective
date of this section.