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This entry was published on 2022-11-11
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SECTION 14-200
Legislative findings and intent
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 14, TITLE 2
§ 14-200. Legislative findings and intent. The legislature finds that
reform of New York state's campaign finance system is crucial to
improving public confidence in the state's democratic processes and
continuing to ensure a government that is accountable to all of the
voters of the state regardless of wealth or position. The legislature
finds that New York's current system of campaign finance, with its large
contributions to candidates for office and party committees, has created
the potential for and the appearance of corruption. The legislature
further finds that, whether or not this system creates actual
corruption, the appearance of such corruption can give rise to a
distrust in government and citizen apathy that undermines the democratic
operation of the political process.

The legislature also finds that the high cost of running for office in
New York discourages qualified candidates from running for office and
creates an electoral system that encourages candidates to spend too much
time raising money rather than attending to the duties of their office,
representing the needs of their constituents, and communicating with

The legislature amends this article creating a new title to this
article to reduce the possibility and appearance that special interests
exercise undue influence over state officials; to increase the actual
and apparent responsiveness of elected officials to all voters; to
encourage qualified candidates to run for office; and to reduce the
pressure on candidates to spend large amounts of time raising large
contributions for their campaigns.

The legislature also finds that the system of voluntary public
financing furthers the government's interest in encouraging qualified
candidates to run for office. The legislature finds that the voluntary
public funding program will enlarge the public debate and increase
participation in the democratic process. In addition, the legislature
finds that the voluntary expenditure limitations and matching fund
program reduce the burden on candidates and officeholders to spend time
raising money for their campaigns.

Therefore, the legislature declares that these amendments further the
important and valid government interests of reducing voter apathy,
building confidence in government, reducing the reality and appearance
of corruption, and encouraging qualified candidates to run for office,
while reducing candidates' and officeholders' fundraising burdens.