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This entry was published on 2022-11-11
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SECTION 14-201
Political committee registration
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 14, TITLE 2
§ 14-201. Political committee registration. 1. Political committees,
as defined pursuant to subdivision one of section 14-100 of this
article, shall register with the state board of elections before making
any contribution or expenditure. The state board of elections shall
publish a cumulative list of political committees that have registered,
including on its webpage, and regularly update it.

2. Only one authorized committee per candidate per elective office
sought. Before receiving any contribution or making any expenditure for
a covered election, each candidate shall notify the PCFB as to the
existence of his or her authorized committee that has been approved by
such candidate. Each candidate shall have one and only one authorized
committee per elective office sought. Each authorized committee shall
have a treasurer.

3. (a) In addition to each authorized and political committee
reporting to the PCFB every contribution and loan received and every
expenditure made in the time and manner prescribed by sections 14-102,
14-104, and 14-108 of this article, each authorized and political
committee for participating candidates shall also submit disclosure
reports on March fifteenth of each election year reporting to the PCFB
every contribution and loan received and every expenditure made. For
contributors who make aggregate contributions of one hundred dollars or
more, each authorized and political committee shall report to the PCFB
the occupation and business address of each contributor and lender. The
PCFB shall revise, prepare, and post forms on its webpage that
facilitate compliance with the requirements of this section.

(b) The PCFB shall review each disclosure report filed and shall
inform authorized and political committees of relevant questions it has
concerning: (i) compliance with requirements of this title and of the
rules issued by the PCFB, and (ii) qualification for receiving public
matching funds pursuant to this title. In the course of this review, it
shall give authorized and political committees an opportunity to respond
to and correct potential violations and give candidates an opportunity
to address questions it has concerning their matchable contribution
claims or other issues concerning eligibility for receiving public
matching funds pursuant to this title.

(c) Contributions that are not itemized in reports filed with the PCFB
shall not be matchable.

(d) Participating candidates may file reports of contributions as
frequently as once a week on Monday so that their matching funds may be
paid at the earliest allowable date.