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State committee; creation
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 2
§ 2-102. State committee; creation. 1. The members of the state
committee of each party shall be elected from such units of
representation as the state committee shall by rule provide. The number
of members representing each unit may vary, but each member shall be
entitled to an equal vote within his unit. Each member of the state
committee shall be entitled to cast one vote unless the rules of the
party shall provide otherwise.

2. Each member shall be, at the time of his election and continuously
thereafter, an enrolled member of the party and a resident of the unit
from which he is elected except as hereinafter provided.

3. To be eligible for election as a member of the state committee at
the first election next ensuing after a readjustment or alteration of
the units of representation becomes effective, a candidate must only
have been a resident of the county in which the unit, or any part
thereof, is contained for the twelve months immediately preceding the

4. The state committee may provide by rule for equal representation of
the sexes on said committee. When any such rule provides for equal
representation of the sexes, the designating petitions and primary
ballots shall list candidates for such party positions separately by

5. The state committee may provide for the holding of a state
convention and the election of delegates and alternate delegates thereto
in any year and may empower such convention to adopt party platforms and
policies and to transact such other business as it may prescribe.