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State and county committees; election of members
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 2
§ 2-106. State and county committees; election of members. 1. Members
of the state and county committees shall be elected at the primary
election as herein provided.

2. Members of the state committee shall be elected biennially.

3. Members of county committees shall be elected biennially, except
that to effect a transition from either odd to even or even to odd
number year elections, a county committee may provide by an amendment to
its rules filed with the board of elections at least four months before
the date of the primary election at which the two year term of such
committee is expiring, that the committee elected at such election shall
be elected for a single, interim one-year term for members of such
committee. No committee may effect such a change in the year of election
more than once every ten years.

4. Members shall hold office until the next election at which members
of the committee are elected.