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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Party names and emblems; provision for
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 2
§ 2-124. Party names and emblems; provision for. 1. The state
committee of a party shall select a name and emblem to distinguish the
candidates of the party for public office in all districts of the state,
and shall file in the office of the state board of elections, a
certificate executed by its chairman and secretary, setting forth the
name and showing the emblem so selected.

2. The name of a party shall be in the English language and shall not
include the words "American", "United States", "National", "New York
State", "Independence" or "Independent", or "Empire State", or any
abbreviation or plural thereof, nor the name or part of the name, or an
abbreviation of the name, of an existing party. The emblem chosen may be
a star, an animal, an anchor, or any other proper symbol, but may not be
the same as or similar to any emblem, insignia, symbol or flag used by
any political or governmental body, agency or entity nor any religious
emblem, insignia, symbol or flag, nor the portrait of any person, nor
the representation of a coin or of the currency of the United States.
The name and emblem chosen shall not be similar to or likely to create
confusion with the name or emblem of any other existing party or
independent body.

3. If the name of any party shall contain more than fifteen letters,
the state committee shall similarly select and certify an abbreviated
form thereof, containing not more than fifteen letters, to be used upon
the ballot whenever the necessities of space so require.