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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Boards of elections; creation, qualifications of commissioners, removal
§ 3-200. Boards of elections; creation, qualifications of
commissioners, removal. 1. There shall be a board of elections in each
county of the state and in the city of New York for the five counties

2. Each board shall consist of two election commissioners, except that
the county legislative body of a county having a population of more than
one hundred and twenty thousand may, by local law, increase the number
of commissioners to four, to be appointed as provided in this title.
Each of the major political parties shall be eligible to recommend
appointment of an equal number of commissioners.

3. In the city of New York the board shall consist of ten
commissioners of election who shall be registered voters in the county
for which they are appointed and they shall be appointed by the city
council of the city of New York. Not more than two commissioners shall
be registered voters of the same county.

4. No person shall be appointed as election commissioner or continue
to hold office who is not a registered voter in the county and not an
enrolled member of the party recommending his appointment, or who holds
any other public office, except that of commissioner of deeds, notary
public, village officer, city or town justice, member of a community
board within the city of New York or trustee or officer of a school
district outside of a city.

6. An election commissioner shall not be a candidate for any elective
office which he would not be entitled to hold under the provisions of
this article, unless he has ceased by resignation or otherwise, to be
commissioner prior to his nomination or designation therefor. Otherwise
such nomination or designation shall be null and void.

7. An election commissioner may be removed from office by the governor
for cause in the same manner as a sheriff. Any vacancy so resulting
shall be filled in a manner prescribed by this article for filling