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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Boards of elections; ownership, care, custody and control of voting machines
§ 3-226. Boards of elections; ownership, care, custody and control of
voting machines. 1. Boards of elections shall direct the purchase,
acquisition or lease of voting machines, of a kind authorized by law,
which shall be selected by such board provided, however, nothing in this
section shall preclude the state board of elections from distributing
voting machines to boards of elections without charge. All voting
machines, and appliances and equipment relating to or used in the
conduct of elections shall be in the care, custody and control of the
board of elections. Such board shall cause all necessary repairs and
maintenance to be made and employ such help as may be necessary in
making such repairs and in moving, setting up and caring for all
election materials, equipment and appliances, including voting machines.
All supplies, equipment or election appliances to be used or furnished
by such board shall be purchased by such board. All expenses of such
board of elections shall be certified, audited and paid as are other
claims against the county, or in the case of the city of New York, by
such city, and all expenses connected with elections and matters
preliminary relating thereto, including compensation of inspectors and
clerks of election, shall be a county charge, except, at the option of
the county, all or any part of the type of expenses connected with
elections and matters preliminary or relating thereto that were
previously incurred by towns and cities, may be apportioned pursuant to
this chapter to a city or town.

2. The board of elections shall publish or post, as the case may be,
all notices, lists and other materials relating to elections to which
this section applies, and which are required by law to be published or
posted in the county, or a political subdivision therein, except
publications made by the state board of elections and village clerks.

3. Lists of persons recommended to serve as inspectors of election and
poll clerks shall be filed by the chairperson of the county committees
of the political parties entitled to representation on the board of