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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Election inspectors and poll clerks; additional
§ 3-406. Election inspectors and poll clerks; additional. 1. Each
board of elections shall establish a list of persons duly qualified to
serve as election inspectors, which list shall be known as the
"Additional Inspector List", in such number of persons as the board
shall determine. Such a list shall be equally divided between the major
political parties. Appointments under this section shall be made in the
manner provided for the appointment of regular election inspectors and
for a like term.

2. Any person serving as an additional inspector of elections may, at
the direction of the board of elections, be assigned to any election
district or transferred from one election district to another after he
has entered upon the performance of his duties on a day of registration
or election.

3. Any person designated to the additional inspectors list shall meet
the requirements for regular election inspectors and may be removed in
the same manner as any election inspector.

4. If the board of elections shall determine that a vacancy exists
upon any board of inspectors or that any election inspector or poll
clerk is absent, and that no qualified voter has been appointed pursuant
to this chapter to act in place of such election inspector or poll
clerk, or to relieve any qualified voter who has been so appointed, it
shall forthwith direct a person appointed pursuant to this section to
act in place of the absent election inspector or poll clerk or qualified
voter so appointed until such absent election inspector or his appointed
successor shall appear; provided, however, that the additional election
inspector so appointed shall be a designee of the same political party
as the election inspector in whose place he shall act. The board of
elections shall provide suitable identification for every additional
election inspector to present to the chairman of the board before
entering upon the duties of such office.

5. Additional inspectors shall be paid by the county in which they
serve in an amount fixed by the board of elections.