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This entry was published on 2021-10-29
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Election inspectors and poll clerks; training
§ 3-412. Election inspectors and poll clerks; training. 1. Each board
of elections shall, at least once every year, conduct a mandatory school
for the instruction of election inspectors, poll clerks and election
coordinators. Such instruction may be given in person or online,
provided that online instruction shall be offered over a two week period
that includes the date for in-person instruction. Certain online
participants may be required to supplement online instruction with
in-person instruction that includes the use of voting machines or other
matters requiring specialized training. Written notice shall be given to
participants stating the time and place at which such in-person
instruction shall be held, the option to obtain instruction online with
direction on how to access the online option, and identifying the
participants that must attend in-person instruction in addition to
online instruction.

1-a. The state board of elections shall establish a mandatory core
curriculum for poll worker training which includes the requirements in
subdivision two of this section, as amended by a chapter of the laws of
2005, and the rights of voters at the polls and obligation of election
workers to protect those rights while maintaining the integrity of the
franchise, including assisting voters with disabilities or with limited
or no proficiency in the English language, handling, processing and
entitlement to ballots, including affidavit and emergency ballots,
proper identification requirements, procedures to be followed with
respect to voters whose names are not on the list of registered voters
or whose identities have not been verified, electioneering and other
violations of the elective franchise as defined in this chapter,
solicitation by individuals and groups at the polling place and
procedures to be followed after the polls close. Each board of elections
shall augment the core curriculum with local procedures not inconsistent
with the core curriculum adopted by the state board of elections and
which includes procedures relating to proper operation of, and remedying
problems with, the voting machine or system in use in that jurisdiction.

2. Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators shall be
instructed concerning the election law, the taking of registrations, the
use of voting machines, disability etiquette and their duties in
connection therewith as soon as possible after their designation.

3. Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators as
required by this section shall, upon their original designation, and
every year thereafter, complete a course of instruction, and, before
certification, pass an examination thereon. Such examination shall be
given both online and in person, provided that those participants whose
instructions include the use of voting machines or other matters
requiring specialized training may be required to pass an examination on
such matters in person. The state board of elections shall supply each
board of elections with instructional material to be used in the
preparation for such examinations and shall give each such board of
elections uniform directions for the conduct of such examinations, which
it shall be the duty of the board to follow. Every such board may
utilize additional materials selected by it in the course of
instruction. No person taking such examination shall be permitted to
know the questions or answers in advance or be given access to the
answers during the examination. If such inspectors, poll clerks or
coordinators pass such examination, the board of elections shall certify
the designated election inspector, poll clerk or coordinator.

4. The county board of elections shall within two weeks notify those
who have passed the examination, that they are certified to serve.

5. Each board of elections shall reproduce a booklet of instructions
for participants prepared by the state board of elections. A copy of
such booklet, or digital version, shall be given to each participant at
the time such participant attends the course of instruction. At least
one copy of such booklet shall be included with the supplies sent to
each election district for each election and day of local registration.