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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators; compensation
§ 3-420. Election inspectors, poll clerks and election coordinators;
compensation. 1. Election inspectors, poll clerks, election coordinators
and qualified voters appointed to act in place of an absent inspector,
clerk or coordinator shall be paid for their services on the days of
registration and election, by the county containing the election
district in which they serve, in an amount fixed by the county
legislative body, subject to such limitations as shall be prescribed or
authorized by statute, except that in the city of New York the amount of
such compensation shall be payable by such city and shall be fixed by
the mayor at a daily rate which, in the case of election inspectors
shall not be less than one hundred thirty dollars and in the case of
election coordinators not less than two hundred dollars. Such
inspectors, poll clerks, election coordinators and qualified voters at a
general or special village election conducted by the board of elections
shall be paid by such village in an amount fixed by the village board of
trustees subject to any such limitations.

2. An election inspector or poll clerk who attends a required training
session shall be paid not less than twenty-five dollars for each meeting
plus, at the option of the county, transportation expenses not to exceed
the mileage allowance approved by the county legislative body for their
permanent employees, payable by the county or in the case of the city of
New York, by such city. For administrative purposes, each county may
establish one or more categories for the mileage allowance, based on the
range of distance traveled, and pay the mileage allowance for that

3. The chairman of the board of inspectors of each election district
shall, within twenty-four hours of any election or day of local
registration, furnish to the board appointing such officers, if required
by such board to do so, a certificate stating the days and hours of
actual service of each member of such board, the names of the persons,
if any, who served as clerks on an election day, the hours of their
service, and the days on which the store, building or room hired for
registration and election purposes was actually used for such purposes.

4. If a person recommended and examined for appointment as election
officer in a city, or examined therefor without recommendation in the
absence of a party list, be found disqualified and be not appointed, as
therein provided, and such person shall serve in the same calendar year
as inspector at a registration or election or as clerk at an election,
under a vacancy appointment, he shall receive no compensation for such