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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Nassau county; board of elections, special provisions
§ 3-502. Nassau county; board of elections, special provisions. 1. All
the provisions of this article, when not inconsistent with this section,
shall apply to the county of Nassau.

2. At least thirty days before the first day of January of any year in
which a commissioner of elections is to be appointed, or within thirty
days after a vacancy occurs in the office of commissioner of elections,
the chairman of the appropriate party county committee shall file with
the clerk of the county legislative body a certificate naming the person
whom he is recommending for appointment as such commissioner of
elections. The certificate shall be in the form and contain the
information prescribed by the state board of elections.

3. All petitions and certificates of nomination or designation, or of
declination thereof, for an election to which this section applies, and
all statements of receipts and expenditures relating to such an
election, required to be filed with any officer of Nassau county, or
political subdivision therein shall be filed with the board of

4. Inspectors of election shall be appointed for a term of two years,
except that an inspector appointed to fill a vacancy, shall hold office
only for the unexpired term of his predecessor.