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Local registration; general provisions for the conduct of
§ 5-204. Local registration; general provisions for the conduct of.
1. At the opening of each place of registration on each day of local
registration the board of inspectors shall:

a. See that the American flag is displayed.

b. Cause the election district map or maps, or certified description
thereof, to be posted conspicuously in the registration place.

c. Check to see that all necessary supplies are available in order to
properly conduct registration.

d. Affix or attach to their clothing the proper identification,
buttons, badges or emblems issued by the board of elections pursuant to
the provisions of this chapter. They shall wear no other buttons, badges
or emblems which are similar in design.

3. a. The inspectors of election in receiving registrations shall, by
printing in ink, fill out the registration poll record and the central
file registration record.

b. If the applicant's name does not appear on the list of registered
voters and if the applicant is not challenged, and he is found by the
inspectors of election to be otherwise qualified, they shall complete
his registration as provided herein.

c. If the person's name appears on the list of registered voters and
he is residing at the same address as set forth therein, his
registration shall be refused as unnecessary.

d. If the applicant's name appears on the list of cancelled
registrations, the inspectors of election shall ascertain from such list
the reason for cancellation, and if satisfied that the reason for
cancellation no longer exists shall register the applicant.

e. If the inspectors of election shall refuse to receive a
registration for any reason, they need not complete the registration
records. They, however, shall enter the applicant's name and address on
the applicant's records, shall mark the word "Refused", and insert the
reason for such refusal in the remarks section on each of such
registration records. In any such case, they shall inform the applicant
of such reason, and advise the applicant of his right to appeal to the
board of elections for review of its decision.

f. If an applicant is challenged after the inspectors of election have
commenced to take his registration and if such applicant refuses to take
the challenge oath as prescribed by this article, or to answer a
question appearing on the challenge affidavit, they shall not complete
his registration and shall insert in the remarks section of his
registration records the words "Challenge Oath Refused" or "Challenge
Question Not Answered".

g. After completing the registration forms the inspectors of election
shall require the applicant to sign the two registration records in the
spaces provided for his signature at the time of registration.

h. After securing the voter's signatures, the two inspectors by whom
the registration is taken shall sign the records in the spaces provided.

k. If an applicant has removed from his residence but is still
eligible to vote from that address for a reason enumerated in this
chapter, the inspectors shall require him to execute a statement of
temporary absence.

l. If an applicant for registration presents a court order directing
that he be registered, the board shall register him, enter the words
"Court Order" in the remarks space on the face of each of his
registration records, write his new registration serial number on the
top of the first page of such order and return such order to the board
of election with the executed certificates and forms.

4. The inspectors shall distribute to the voters applying for
registration copies of the ballot proposals to be submitted to the
voters at the ensuing election.

5. An inspector shall not remove or permit to be removed any
registration record or blank from the locked ledger in which it is filed
or to insert or permit to be inserted any such record or blank in such
ledger. If a registration record blank is mutilated or voided or for any
reason cannot be used, the board shall mark "Void" across the face of
such blank and the blank of the same number in the other ledger of the
same set.

6. The map or maps furnished in cities shall be posted in the polling
place on the days of local registration.

7. There shall be no smoking in any place of registration in a church
or school.

8. The inspectors shall act as a board and a majority of them shall
decide questions.

9. While the polls are open no person shall do any electioneering
within the polling place, or within a one hundred foot radial measured
from the entrances, designated by the inspectors of election, to a
building where the registration is being conducted. No political banner,
poster or placard shall be allowed in or upon the place of registration
during any day of registration. Where an oath is required or permitted
by this article at any meeting for registration, any inspector may
administer it. The inspectors, and each of them, shall preserve good
order within and around the place of registration and keep access
thereto unobstructed. The board or any member thereof by order in
writing may direct the arrest of any person refusing to obey the lawful
commands of the inspectors, or guilty of disorderly conduct disturbing
their proceedings, or violating, or attempting to violate, any of the
provisions of this chapter. Any police officer or peace officer, who is
acting pursuant to his special duties, or any person designated by the
board shall execute the order.

10. Persons entitled to register who are on line, or in the polling
place, at or before the time fixed by law for closing of registration,
shall be allowed to register.