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This entry was published on 2023-03-31
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Inactive status
§ 5-213. Inactive status. 1. When a voter is sent a confirmation
notice pursuant to the provisions of this article, the voter's name
shall be placed in inactive status.

2. The registration poll records of all such voters shall be removed
from the poll ledgers and maintained at the offices of the board of
elections in a file arranged alphabetically by election district. If
such board uses computer generated registration lists, the names of such
voters shall not be placed on such lists at subsequent elections other
than lists prepared pursuant to the provisions of section 5-612 of this
article but shall be kept as a computer record at the offices of such

3. The board of elections shall restore the registration of any such
voter to active status if such voter notifies the board of elections
that they reside at the address from which they are registered, or the
board finds that such voter has validly signed a designating or
nominating petition which states that they reside at such address, or if
such voter casts a ballot in an affidavit envelope which states that
they reside at such address, or if the board receives notice that such
voter has voted in an election conducted with registration lists
prepared pursuant to the provisions of section 5-612 of this article. If
any such notification or information is received ten days or more before
a primary, special or general election, the voter's name must be
restored to active status for such election.

4. As soon as practicable, after it restores a voter's registration to
active status, the board of elections shall send the voter, by first
class forwardable mail, a notice advising him of the restoration in a
form which is similar to the notice sent to new registrants pursuant to
the provisions of section 5-210 of this title and which has been
approved by the state board of elections.

5. If the board of elections receives notice, which complies with the
requirements of this article, that a voter in inactive status is
residing at another address within the jurisdiction of such board, it
shall transfer the registration and enrollment of such voter to such
other address pursuant to the provisions of section 5-208 of this title.