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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Enrollment; forms of affidavits, mailing requirements
§ 5-310. Enrollment; forms of affidavits, mailing requirements. 1.
The board shall prepare forms for the various applications and
affidavits required under this title and, upon application, shall
furnish a copy of the appropriate form to or for any voter desiring to
use the same, and an additional copy if required. Copies also may be
sold by the board, at cost, to any qualified voter.

2. Except when a voter is expressly required to file a paper in
person, such paper may be filed either in person, by agent or sent by
mail. Mailing within the state and within the times prescribed for
filing shall be sufficient if the affidavit be received by the board.
The postmark shall be sufficient proof of the date of mailing. If mailed
outside of the state or if the postmark is omitted or illegible the
affidavit must be received by the board within the times so prescribed
for filing.