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This entry was published on 2019-03-29
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Cancellation of registration; generally
§ 5-400. Cancellation of registration; generally. 1. A voter's
registration, including the registration of a voter in inactive status,
shall be cancelled if, since the time of his last registration, he:

(a) Moved his or her residence outside the state.

(b) Was convicted of a felony disqualifying him from voting pursuant
to the provisions of section 5-106 of this article.

(c) Has been adjudicated an incompetent.

(d) Refused to take a challenge oath.

(e) Has died.

(f) Did not vote in any election conducted by the board of elections
during the period ending with the second general election at which
candidates for federal office are on the ballot after his name was
placed in inactive status and for whom the board of elections did not,
during such period, in any other way, receive any information that such
voter still resides in the same county or city.

(g) Personally requested to have his name removed from the list of
registered voters.

(h) For any other reason, is no longer qualified to vote as provided
in this chapter.

2. For the purposes of this section a personal request to be removed
from the list of registered voters shall include the following:

(a) A statement signed by the registrant which makes such a request.

(b) A notice that the registrant has moved to an address outside the
state which is signed by the registrant and sent to the board of

(c) A notice signed by the registrant which states that such
registrant has moved to an address outside the state and that such
change of address is for voter registration purposes.

(d) A notice from a board of elections or other voter registration
officer or agency that such person has registered to vote from an
address outside the state.