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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Cancellation of registration; cancellation of record
§ 5-404. Cancellation of registration; cancellation of record. 1. The
board of elections shall cancel a registration by marking the word
"Cancelled" on the face of each of the voter's registration poll
records, without obliterating any of the entries thereon, and shall
enter the reasons for such cancellation on the face of such registration
record or, if the board uses computer generated registration lists,
entering such reasons in the computer records. If requested by any
member of the board, the cancellation of registration of any voter, or
group of voters, must be approved by two such board members or two
employees of the board representing different political parties. Such
members or employees shall place their initials or other identifying
information on the registration poll record of such voter, or on a
computer generated list of such cancellations. Such lists shall be
preserved in the same manner, and for the same time, as such
registration poll records.

2. The board shall supply a list of registration cancellations and
reinstatements to the county chairman of any political party requesting