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This entry was published on 2024-07-12
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Voter pre-registration and education on voter pre-registration
§ 5-507. Voter pre-registration and education on voter
pre-registration. 1. Pre-registration. A person who is at least sixteen
years of age and who is otherwise qualified to register to vote may
pre-register to vote, and shall be automatically registered upon
reaching the age of eligibility as provided by this chapter.

2. Encouragement of student voter registration and pre-registration.
Local boards of education, boards of cooperative educational services,
charter schools and non public schools are required to adopt policies to
promote student voter registration and pre-registration. These policies
may include collaboration with county boards of elections to conduct
voter registration and pre-registration in high schools and shall
include, but not be limited to, procedures for: (i) providing access to
voter registration and pre-registration applications during the school
year and assistance with filing such applications; and (ii) informing
students of the state requirements for voter registration and
pre-registration. Completion and submission of voter registration or
pre-registration forms shall not be a course requirement or graded
assignment for students.