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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration records; filing of
§ 5-600. Registration records; filing of. 1. The board of elections
shall keep all registration records, when not in use at the polls for an
election, at its main office, or a branch office designated by it. Such
records shall be kept in locked ledgers or locked filing cabinets and
shall not be removed from the office or branch office of the board of
elections, except that the registration poll records of all voters
entitled to vote at an election shall be delivered as provided in this
chapter to the appropriate election district polling places for use at
such election.

2. The central file registration records shall be filed for the entire
county using a system permitting location by name. Cancelled
registration records shall be filed separately and shall be arranged in
the same manner as current registration records.

3. The registration poll records shall be classified by election
districts, the records for each election district being filed according
to street, by number, and alphabetically within any address or in the
discretion of the board of elections they may be filed alphabetically by
name of voter.

4. Any registration record not completed because of the refusal of a
board of inspectors to register an applicant shall be filed by the board
of elections with the cancelled registration records as if the person
affected had registered and his registration had been cancelled.

5. After receipt thereof from a board of inspectors at the close of a
period of local registration, the board of elections, before removing
any records or blank forms from any ledger containing registration
records of voters registered during such period, shall compare such
records and blanks with the certificate filed by such board of
inspectors. It shall investigate any discrepancy between such returned
material and the information contained on such certificate and if such
discrepancy is not satisfactorily resolved, it shall, at the request of
any commissioner, make a written report thereof in triplicate and send
one copy of such report to the district attorney and one to the state
board of elections and keep the third copy on file at its office as a
public record. The board of elections shall then remove the records and
blanks from the ledgers and shall file them as provided herein.