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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Replacement of registration and enrollment records; damaged, unusable or lost
§ 5-608. Replacement of registration and enrollment records; damaged,
unusable or lost. 1. If the registration or enrollment records of any
voter shall be lost, mutilated, defaced or destroyed, the board of
elections shall, except as provided in subdivision two hereof, require
him to reregister or reenroll. Such reregistration or reenrollment
shall be deemed to have taken effect as of the date of the original
registration or enrollment.

2. If one or both of the registration records of the voter are still
in the possession of the board of elections and it is possible therefrom
to duplicate the lost or damaged record, the board of elections shall
prepare a new record containing all the information required, using the
original serial number, and shall paste photostatic copies of the
voter's signature in each space on the new record where his signature
was placed on the original record.

3. When the spaces for signature or for other entries, on a
registration poll record are filled so as to render a record no longer
usable, the board of elections shall prepare a second poll record. All
pertinent information shall be copied from the original poll record on
to the second poll record. The registration signature on the original
poll record shall be photostated and pasted on the back in the space for
the registration signature on the second poll record. Within the space
reserved for remarks shall be imprinted "Record Continued--2nd Poll
Record", or "3rd Poll Record", as appropriate.

4. The active but unusable poll record shall be kept in a special file
for active continued registrations until such time as the next poll
record may be cancelled, at which time the poll records are stamped
"cancelled" and fastened together when placed in the cancellation file.

5. All mutilated or defaced registration records which are replaced by
new records under the provisions of this section shall be stamped across
the face with the words "Record Replaced", without obliterating any of
the entries thereon and shall be kept on file by the board of elections.

6. If the records of an entire election district or a large segment
thereof are lost, mutilated, defaced or destroyed, or are determined by
the board of elections to be so inaccurate or incomplete as to be
unusable, such board may, upon due notice, require re-registration of
all qualified voters resident within such district. In such event, the
board shall fix and determine additional days of local registration for
such re-registration.