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This entry was published on 2020-07-03
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Ballots; form for primary election; additional requirements
§ 7-114. Ballots; form for primary election; additional requirements.
1. (a) On the face of the official ballot for a primary election
contests and candidates for nomination for public office shall appear
first, followed by contests and candidates for party positions. When
necessary, a part may be divided into two or more columns or rows, but
the names of all persons designated for the same office or party
position shall be in the same column or row.

(b) Where a candidate for nomination for the same public office or for
election to the same party position is designated by two or more
petitions, his or her name shall be placed upon the ballot for the
primary election but once as such a candidate.

(c) The ballot shall not contain a space for voting for candidates for
uncontested offices and positions, and no ballot shall be printed for a
party for which there is no contested office or position unless a
petition for opportunity to ballot has been filed.

2. (a) on the official primary election ballot, the ballot endorsement
shall include the name of the party for which such ballot is valid.

(b) where two or more candidates are to be elected to a party
position, the names of candidates designated by each petition shall be
grouped together, and may be referred to collectively on the ballot as a