1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Election
  4. Article 7: Election Ballot
  5. Title 1: Form of Ballots

Section 7-118 Ballots; facsimile and sample

Election (ELN)

The board of elections shall provide facsimile and sample ballots which shall be arranged in the form of a diagram showing such part of the face of the voting machine as shall be in use at that election. Such facsimile and sample ballots shall be either in full or reduced size and shall contain suitable illustrated directions for voting on the voting machine. Such facsimile ballots shall be mounted and displayed for public inspection at each polling place during election day. Sample ballots may be mailed by the board of elections to each eligible voter at least three days before the election, or in lieu thereof, a copy of such sample ballot may be published at least once within one week preceding the election in newspapers representing the major political parties. One copy of such facsimile shall be sent to each school in the county, providing the ninth through the twelfth years of compulsory education, and in the city of New York to each such school in the city of New York, at least one week before each general election for posting at a convenient place in such school. The board of elections shall also send a facsimile ballot to any other school requesting such a ballot.